Top 4 coding toys for kids in 2023

A kid working on his coding toy

Most parents these days know the potential benefits of early enrolling their kids into programming, coding and robotics classes.

Things like healthy intellectual development, great career opportunities and a productive yet fun use of their time are some important benefits.

But even if they love the craft, classes may get boring and the kids could end up losing interest.

Keep their passion alive and burning with coding toys that are sure to engage them through active, experiential learning.

Coding toys are designed to teach kids about the fundamentals of programming and robotics, without even giving them a hint that they’re “learning”. It’s that much fun!

Here are our top picks for coding toys, along with links to video reviews.

A girl repairing her  robot
  1. Botley: The Coding Robot 2.0

Unfortunately, the programming field leads your kids to have way too much screen time. Take time away from the screen and to get your kids into a more intuitive way to learn coding alongside a bot that coaches you.

The Bottley Robot 2.0 provides learning resources with activity sets so it is a 100% screen-free learning experience for kids.

It is priced around $53 to $85 depending on where you buy online, discount coupons and deals. Recommended for ages above 10.

Botley Coding Robot 2.0 short video review

  1. Coding Critters

The company is called Coding Critters and the toy is called bopper.

Critters are actually toy pets that kids can be programmed to do a variety of actions that are fun to see at work.

You’ll find that they can be coded to move a certain way, go down slides, pick up carrots and push toy swings. It’s super easy and fun!

Learning is screen-free and is taught in the format of an adventure story book, this is bound to spark their imagination and creativity.

Priced at just $18 to $40, it is recommended for toddlers and kids as young as age 5 to 10.

Coding Critters Bopper short video review

  1. Quercetti Rami Code

Quarcetti Rami Code Educational Coding Toy focuses on learning a basic fundamental of programming called binary numbers, so it is also called the binary numbers game.

The design is similar to a mini pinball machine that can be coded by your kids to work the way they want, but most importantly according to the workings of binary numbers.

Priced at $42 to $59 and recommended for kids aged in the range of five to ten.

Quercetti Rami Code short video review

  1. Kids First Coding And Robotics

This kit touches upon many of the core fundamentals such as variables, algorithms, events, conditions, loops, functions and sequences expertly.

It comes with many physics activity kits that a sandwich-like highly interactive robot will teach your kids how to use them,

These activity kits are mostly tiles that you have to arrange in a certain way according to the principles of coding, which the robot will scan and internalize the tile sequence or if the sequence is wrong then the robot will return an error and correct them.

This coding toy is a bit on the expensive side, priced at $95 to $130 but a worthwhile investment if you can invest a little extra on your kids’ education.

Kids First Coding And Robotics short video review.

To conclude…

As fun as these toys can be, it cannot be a replacement for their actual learning in classes

These toys are meant to complement learning and not obstruct it as they can only teach upto a certain limit on the fundamentals and that’s what they are really for – a fun way to practice the fundamentals.

Our coding classes for kids are made fun with the help of these toys as well!



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