How to start teaching Kids Block Coding?

While technology is developing day by day,  it is essential for even kids now to develop essential digital skills which would help them in their future. One of such skills is coding and in that for beginners is block coding. Block coding is a fun and interactive way to introduce the kids to the world of coding in order to let them understand the basic concepts before they step into the advanced world of coding. 

It may seem difficult for anyone to know about how to start teaching the kids about block coding as it is completely a new concept that they will have. Here we will know about all the essential information which would help to let the kids start their journey with block coding.

Why Teach Kids Block Coding?

While coding contributes a great part in the development of technology, learning coding is definitely crucial now. For beginners block coding is necessary as it makes the base foundation which would help them to know about all the basic concepts of coding before they get into advanced coding and programming. Block coding offers several benefits for the beginners and individuals who are just starting to learn coding. It enables and empowers the individuals to develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills from an early age to enhance their mindset. 

It serves as the base foundation of understanding the programming and coding concepts. Furthermore it fosters a creative mindset with which the individuals can think something out of the box by experimenting new things. With the activities engaged in block coding, individuals can develop various different elements that would not only help them in coding but also in various applications of their real life. Moreover, block coding cultivates teamwork and collaboration as students can work together on projects, share ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences. But like any coding it has its own advantages & disadvantages that need to be considered.

Getting Started: The Fundamental Principles of Block Coding 

In order to start teaching the kids about block coding it is necessary to know about various elements that must be familiarized. First of all block coding uses the visual block concept that represents different pre-written codes or commands. These visual blocks are dragged and dropped as per the sequence of instructions given to understand different concepts of coding basics.

This blocking concept is essential as this would enable and empower the individuals who are beginners to learn about all the basic concepts of coding. It would enhance their understanding of how all the coding functions work and how they can solve complex problems with ease. Now, while having all the essential info let’s see how to start teaching the kids block coding:

Choosing the Right Tools and Resources

The very first and foremost thing to check out and take into consideration is whether the right tools and resources are available or not. Selecting the right tools and resources is essential and crucial for a successful law coding learning experience for the kids. While there are various different platforms available with which kids can get started with block coding, it is necessary to select the best and perfect one. 

Different platforms with different features and specialties are available that cater with the young learners or kids. One of the popular ones is scratch which is especially designed for kids to learn block coding. These platforms provide a user-friendly interface, engaging tutorials, and a supportive online community. It must be ensured that the chosen tools and resources are aligning with the objective and are offering the valuable content required to learn.

Creating a Structured Learning Environment

Having a structured learning environment can definitely contribute to starting learning easily. Therefore creating a structured learning environment for the kids to learn law coding is essential and can be effective for sure. Start by setting clear learning objectives for each session and communicate them to your students. Break down complex concepts into smaller, manageable chunks to prevent overwhelm. 

By providing hands-on learning with different coding projects that would allow the kids to apply what they have learnt can encourage them even more. Foster a growth mindset by emphasizing that mistakes are opportunities for learning and growth. In simpler words, a creative learning environment would include experimentation, complex problems with critical thinking included throughout the learning process.

Inspiring Creativity and Problem-Solving 

Block coding can definitely act as a platform for the kids to develop their creative mindset and problem solving skills. Encourage the kids to explore and experiment with different complex problems that would help them to develop their creative and problem solving skill and mindset. 

Challenging the kids to design interactive stories, create games, or animate characters with the help of different features would definitely encourage them to think critically about their learning experience and iterate on their creations. 


To conclude, it could be said that block coding is an effective and powerful way to equivalent the kids with the concepts that would help them to develop a digitized skill which would help them in their future. While letting the kids start with block coding the above mentioned elements are essential and must be taken into consideration in order to let the kids have the best possible learning to develop coding skill. With the right tools, resources, and structured learning environment, you can foster a passion for coding in your students and unlock their limitless potential.



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