BrightChamp Reviews And Alternatives

So what is BrightChamp? 

BrightChamp is an online classroom where kids can learn about 3D printing, coding, design, engineering, crafting, and more! It was created by a team of experts who know how important it is for kids to learn these kinds of skills. BrightChamp offers a wide range of classes and the students can pick and choose which classes they want to take.

We believe that we need to encourage kids to be creative while they’re young so they will grow up knowing how important it is not only for themselves but also for our future as well.” The classes are divided into difficulty levels and topics. All the lessons in BrightChamp are taught by professional instructors.

How Does BrightChamp Work?

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You won’t be limited to a few classes and topics on BrightChamp. The online school has created a wide array of age-specific and difficulty-specific classes. There are over 40 classes, making it quite difficult to get bored on the platform.

BrightChamp offers courses in math, science, and computer programming for kids as young as four years old up to 18 years old. Each course includes multiple lessons that teach students important skills and knowledge in each topic area.

Classes are broken up into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This helps students learn at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed by content that is too difficult for them to grasp or too easy for them to be challenged by it.

This also allows parents or guardians to pick their child’s curriculum based on their skill level instead of forcing them into a course that is either too easy or too hard for them due to a lack of choice in other online learning platforms. For example: if your child is struggling with math but excels in science then you can choose between various options available through BrightChamp depending on which subject they need more help with!

What Are Some Alternatives To BrightChamp?

There are lots of options for kids who want to learn how to code!

Coding is a skill that can be used in many fields of study. Learning to code can be a fun activity for kids. Many different apps and websites teach coding. Here are some alternatives to BrightChamp:

  • ItsMyBot– ItsMyBot is a fun coding programme for kids in grades 2- 10. They teach children to code using the most basic and uncomplicated method possible. It teaches children the fundamentals of coding and introduces them to key concepts that they can subsequently use to more complex coding programmes.
  • Khan Academy- A nonprofit committed to providing free educational resources to kids of all ages (and adults too!). They offer a wide variety of computer programming courses for kids, with age-appropriate lessons that use coding languages like JavaScript and HTML5.
  • Another nonprofit dedicated to teaching kids to code, offers one-hour tutorials for beginners and more advanced classes for those ready for the next level.
  • CodeMonkey- This website teaches kids how to code by having them program a monkey through fun arcade games. Kids can learn coding concepts as they progress through different levels in the game’s storyline.
  • Codecademy- This is another website where kids can learn to code in an interactive environment. There are many options here, from learning how to build websites using different programming languages like HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, and Ruby on Rails, or learning how to make mobile apps using Swift or Java



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