6 Best STEM Careers For Kids To Explore

6 Best STEM Careers For Kids To Explore
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Science, technology, engineering and mathematics – STEM, are core subjects for a variety of career paths that will enable them to make breakthrough contributions to society.

Kids have the potential to excel in anything if they start early. Tap into their potential by picking a STEM career path from the best ones we listed for kids below and setting goals for the same.

As a result, kids could grow into refined adults you can be proud of while being respected and rewarded by the world!

1. Rocket Scientist

A branch of aerospace engineering that deals with building rockets and calculating space travel routes.

Space exploration is sought after by the greatest minds and the wealthiest people, but even that isn’t enough due to a shortage of capable rocket scientists.

Your kids could be at the forefront of projects that involve traveling to Mars alongside Elon Musk!

This career path requires strong foundations in physics and mathematics, aerospace engineering degrees and work experience as an apprentice.

2. Genomic Scientist

Genomics is a vast field of study, meaning that there are many specializations to choose from, the most interesting of which is genome editing.

Recent scientific breakthroughs have revealed that it is possible to alter the genetic code and induce preferable biological changes in the body.

This discovery has enormous implications, from curing cancer and several genetic disorders to having better hair and clearer skin.

This role requires strong foundations in computer science, biology and chemistry.

3. Robotics engineer

Has your kid shown an affinity for tinkering with stuff, figuring out how they work and fixing them? Maybe they like legos a lot? They provide cool robotics and coding toys by the way.

Perhaps your kid can shine in the field of robotics, such engineers are in a lot of demand too.

They can build robotic systems that will improve the safety and efficiency of various tasks, used mostly in factory and laboratory settings or dangerous environments. Every field in this list can make use of robotic systems.

While most career paths in this list require years of learning the foundations before getting into the field, robotics is a kid-friendly field and they can start excelling in it right now!

In fact, robotics classes for kids are our specialty.

4. Healthcare Professional

Now more than ever, healthcare professionals are in dire need. Catalyzed by the onslaught of COVID-19 and the modern lifestyle, physical and mental health is badly affected.

Also many health concerns can be expected of old age so you could count on them to be there by your side while they address such concerns.

Doctor, physician, dietician, clinician, scientist, therapist, dentistry, nutritionist, nursing or even gym trainers and sports coaches and a lot more, too many to list here.

If doctoral professions are your focus, then check out these MBBS specializations.

5. Veterinarian

Maybe your kids are animal lovers.

Ask if they are willing to treat them and save their lives, if the answer is a YEAH!

Let them shine as the best veterinarian out there, passion is one of the best drivers of excellence.

Get your kids a pet that is easy to handle so they can learn all about how to take care of animals. Meanwhile, they’ll need to acquire a good foundation in biology.

6. Software Developer

Using their expertise in coding, they can build systems using the computer to solve many real-world problems. I mean, isn’t there an app or a website for everything now?

So it’s easy to see why software developers are in huge demand and just like robotics, it is a kid-friendly field that they can excel in now.

They’ll need to learn a programming language and be trained in the use of coding fundamentals.

An easy way to start would be to get them familiar with the use of coding apps.



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