Best Scratch Coding Games : Gamifying Learning

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It is often that learning can be more effective and even better when it is combined with fun. Coding which is tough and tedious learning can also be combined with some fun games making it easier to learn by the young minds.

With growing techs, Coding is getting known to even kids now at a basic level so they can perceive it better later on. However it can be a little tough for young minds to get into coding to start. This is where gamification can help. With fun and engaging games, kids can develop a better learning experience and begin to develop skills with fun.

What is Scratch? 

Scratch, which is a visual programming language, is developed by MIT. It allows the starters to develop engaging story, games, animations or more. The platform is well designed for young and beginner learners. It is a friendly and intuitive platform to understand the basic concepts of coding. It is exciting and engaging at the same time, so the beginners find it interesting to start with scratch coding.

Best Scratch Coding Games to Explore

1. Code a Monkey Adventure: This game takes you on an exciting journey through a jungle, where you must help a monkey overcome obstacles by coding its actions. By successfully completing levels, you not only improve your skills but also learn about logical thinking and problem-solving.

2. Flappy Bird: Among the various scratch arcade games, Flappy Bird is one of the popular ones. In this, a bird flies between the green columns and you need to make it fly without hitting the pipes (columns). The bird flies while tapping the spacebar button or while touching the bird itself. It is a kind of side scroller game. Medal is given at the end of the game as per the score. The Higher the score the higher the medal such as bronze, silver, gold. 

3. Paper Minecraft: Get ready to navigate through a series of challenging features of the original Minecraft with this one. It’s a 2D adventure game which gives you the ability to create your own world. This game introduces concepts like creating various elements in the given virtual world through the help of blocks only.

4. Pong Starter: In this Scratch coding game, you are given a ball which drops down and you have to save it and push it up everytime with the help of a paddle at the bottom. There are also sounds, effects and different colors of the ball that are given. Additionally for fun, the users can add music while the ball drops every time.

5. Pac-man: This scratch game is an adventure arcade maze chase. You are given a character whom you need to feed with dots in the maze keeping the character safe from the ghosts in the maze. Although while feeding big dots which are Power Pellets, the character can eat the ghosts but it is just for a few seconds and then again you need to save your character from the ghosts letting it eat the dots. 

6. Geometry Dash: These are just a few examples of the scratch games that develop reflexes and concentration. Geometry Dash is one of them. You are given a square block in this and you need to move it safely from all obstacles with a fast speed. You can easily be safe from the nails and spikes by jumping over it and scoring more.

Concluding Lines

Although coding is a bit tough skill for beginners but as mentioned that with gamified learning, it can be a fun way to learn. With Scratch Coding Games, the learning experience of the youths is really good and interesting at the same time as it’s mainly designed for young kids. 

It is often that learning coding is not a very tedious task. With gamified learning experiences like Scratch coding games, you can embark on an exciting coding journey full of creativity, problem-solving, and endless possibilities.



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