Summer Coding Camps For Kids In Iraq 2023

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School is soon out for the summer, and you’re in luck if you’re seeking ways to keep your kids active. Summer coding camps can be a delightful and productive use of your kids’ vacation time. They love the idea of building games and robots, doing so will also nurture intelligent thinking. To keep children engaged, several online platforms have developed summer camps in the middle east. If you want your child to pick up coding over the summer holidays, you can sign them up for our coding camp in Iraq in 2023. With MIT App Inventor, you can learn app development in just six weeks! Our small-group summer camp and programming sessions encourage active participation and are led by a pleasant, experienced instructor. Your child will be having so much fun learning new skills in game development that they won’t even realize they’re picking up vital coding skills in the process!

Best Coding Camps For Kids In Iraq

The world is approaching a digital revolution. If your kids can learn to ride this massive change, it could take them all the way to the top! Enrolling them in a coding camp for the summer in Iraq is a great way for them to gain a basic understanding of the coding landscape. You can then decide whether you and your kids wish to pursue this career path after experiencing firsthand the benefits of teaching them to code. ItsMyBot’s summer coding platform provides a variety of coding and programming courses and programs for kids in Iraq, all of which teach coding in fun and engaging ways. These coding workshops have been created to guarantee that kids know the basics of coding and can apply them in the real world.
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What Makes Our Summer Coding Programs Exciting for Kids?

Our summer coding class is a high-level curriculum for youngsters in which they will learn to create interactive mobile apps using MIT App Inventor. This coding lesson will help your child build entrepreneurial skills by teaching them how to create their first mobile application from the ground up. This also helps kids comprehend how things work and alters their perspective of the world around them.

Kids will obtain a basic understanding of programming ideas in this session, and your child will impress you by creating his or her first game. This class will transform your child from a casual game player to a game creator.

ItsMyBot coding camp engages children with creative teaching methods that encourage them to enjoy learning rather than despise it. All of these sessions emphasize hands-on learning and use real-world examples to help students grasp STEM ideas.

You can enroll your kid in ItsMyBot summer coding classes in Dubai. If you want to make it even more enjoyable for your child, check out our online coding lessons for kids. Our skilled trainer will come online and teach the coding fundamentals interactively in private sessions. Online coding classes will take place in 1-1 live sessions. Because the sessions are held online, you may schedule them around your child’s schedule.

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What Do Kids Learn In Summer Coding Camps?

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Basic Programming

Programming languages like Python and Scratch are primarily taught during coding camps. Adults could compare learning to write with these commands to learning a new language.

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Mobile App Design

This is a fun category as well. Most children who own smartphones find the ability to design their mobile apps quite intriguing. For this camp, we use MIT App Inventor.



Writing code to control a car or a drone from afar seems incredible. That’s why working on it with the kids is so much fun!


STEM Programs

Students gain immensely from hands-on STEM learning because it equips them with skills that they can use for years to come, even if they do not pursue careers as computer programmers. We specialize in making STEM interesting and fun.

Other Summer Activities For Kids In Iraq

Every responsible parent is always on the lookout for fun summer activities for their children. From sports to arts and crafts, several camps in Iraq will keep children active while gaining new abilities along the way. Get your kids moving and be creative with these summer activities for kids of all ages:

  •  Ankawa sport center 
  • Majdeland Park
  • Erbil Family Fun Park
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