Summer Coding Camp for Kids

Join us to transform your kid’s love for technology into exciting learning adventures!

ItsMyBot summer coding camps and classes are the most fun and effective. You can learn app building using MIT App Inventor in just six weeks of sessions! Our small group summer camp and programming sessions are highly participatory and delivered by a friendly, experienced instructor.

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While we are an online training platform for kids to learn coding and robotics, we also offer Summer Coding Camps! It might be challenging to plan how to spend school breaks, but coding camps can be a terrific way to keep your kids learning during their time off from school.

Our fun and interesting coding classes teach the same curriculum as our structured program classes but with a more regular meeting schedule while your kids are off from school. Our summer programming classes allow students to pursue various coding courses in a single summer. Students will have gained the confidence and vocabulary necessary to continue programming by the end of the camp.

ItsMyBot’s summer camps cater to children’s hobbies, ranging from video game development to robotics and even mobile game development, making coding enjoyable and engaging while focusing on your child’s interests and motivations.

Why Should Kids Take Summer Coding Camps?

Summer camp is a community where kids can have a good time while learning valuable lessons. The camp is set up so that kids begin to develop a sense of independence while participating in new activities. Summer camps are regarded as providing a safe environment and entertaining activities for children.

Summer camps can quickly fill up, and the most popular alternatives usually offer the most long-term advantages to kids. Summer coding camps, for example. The activities at the summer coding camp aid in the development of a wide range of programming skills.

Here are a few more compelling reasons for kids to participate in summer coding camps:

  • When children are having fun, they are more likely to learn.
  • Only in a group setting can you learn how to work as part of a team.
  • Students are exposed to a variety of coding languages and applications.
  • The abilities that children gain from coding positively impact their other academic areas
  • Summer camps can help children develop their self-esteem and social skills.
  • Improved decision-making skills

What Do Kids Learn in Summer Coding Camps?

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Basic Programming

At coding camps, we teach primarily programming languages like python and scratch. Adults may consider learning how to write using these commands to be similar to learning a foreign language. On the other hand, children cope with it in the same manner that they learn to play a game.

Mobile app development

Mobile App Design

This is also a fun category. The ability to create their mobile apps is highly appealing to most children who own smartphones. We use MIT App inventor for this camp.

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Writing code to remotely operate a car or a drone sounds remarkable. That's why it's such a fun project to work on with the kids!

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STEM Programs

Students benefit greatly from hands-on STEM learning because it provides them with skills that they can use for years to come, even if they do not go on to become computer programmers. We specialize in making STEM enjoyable and intriguing.

Why Robotics for Kids Viewed as One of the Best Skills To Learn?

Whether it’s app development or learning how to make a robot walk, coding transforms existing passions into practical abilities like problem-solving and logical reasoning. Summer camps at ItsMyBot are fantastic for learning new skills in a short amount of time.

Our summer coding camp will be a six-week session with a total of 12 sessions of 1.5 hours. We use the MIT App Inventor for this camp.

MIT App inventor is an interactive visual programming environment with which anyone even children can create a fully functional app for smartphones and tablets.

Our Program Details

We are breaking down the session into 2 categories.

  1. Age group 8-10 years
  • Learn how to build an app using the MIT App Inventor tool.
  • Build 4 fully functional apps, installed on your smartphone.
  1. Age group 10-14
  • Learn how to build an app using the MIT App Inventor tool
  • Learn the basics of Machine learning and model training using ” AI with App Inventor”.
  • Build 4 intermediate-level apps that support AI models, installed on your smartphone.

Join Our Summer Coding Camp

Join us to transform your kid’s love for technology into exciting learning adventures!

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Coding Camps For Kids FAQ

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Coding summer camps are week-long coding classes on topics ranging from robotics to artificial intelligence to video game development.

Our summer coding sessions are appropriate for kids aged eight and above. They’re entertaining for kids interested in technology, video games, or app development. No prior coding experience is required for beginners.

Even if you’re on the trip, you can join our summer coding camp or workshops. All you need is a computer and an internet connection that works reliably.

Coding camps allow children to learn in a group setting. They’re not only learning vital cooperation skills, but they’re also learning a practical STEM subject in a fun and exciting way.

Our summer coding camp will be a 6-week session with a total of 12sessions of 1.5 hours. We use the MIT App Inventor for this camp.

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