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Success in the modern world is important on the solid understanding of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. At ItsMyBot we are doing our part best. Our interactive and fun STEM program for kids is designed to spark kids’ interest and sharpen their skills in these critical subject areas. ItsMyBot introduces STEM concepts at all levels, Combining familiar toys and real-world lessons. We provide LEGO┬« Bricks, motors, and projects while encouraging teamwork and guiding students through the process of problem-solving.

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What is STEM Program for Kids

STEM for kids offers challenging skills in a fun and engaging setting for future careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. Furthermore, STEM programs foster valuable 21st-century life skills like problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and more.

Introducing STEM learning to kids at an early stage will help them build an innovation mindset and improve their critical thinking, science literacy, and creativity, helping them to shine brighter in the future.

STEM programs and camps engage kids practically by providing a hands-on learning experience. As part of STEM programs, kids develop real-time projects by understanding real-world problems. Also, STEM programs and camps remove the myth among kids that STEM is difficult!

ItsMyBot STEM Program Offer Fun and Enrichment

The ItsMyBot is passionate about helping kids and youth flourish! The Our STEM program provides a positive environment for learning and educational development for kids. This program gives children the freedom and confidence to dream big while also providing them with the tools they need for future success.

We are a proud group of compassionate and experienced educators who want to give your child the best care and education possible. Our STEM Program is one of the best in the country, providing a hands-on approach to learning the complex but essential concepts of the STEM curriculum. We provide this after-school program to children aged 7 to 16, and we tailor our teaching methods to your child’s needs and abilities.

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Science topics are sprinkled throughout all of the ItsmyBot programs but are more prevalent in our Scientists, Junior Scientists, and Minecraft programs. The design of ItsMyBot programs provides students with a firm foundation for further growth, making our courses ideal for an elementary school STEM lab. At ItsMyBot, we make science fun!

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It’s no secret that people love technology, but many don’t know how it works. ItsMyBot programs include STEM robotics and coding classes so students can see the magic behind their favorite tech. We even offer video game coding classes for hands-on learning.

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With engineering being the practical application of science, courses focused on making things are a powerful way to ignite a kids’ imagination. ItsMyBot models are based on real-world designs like roller coasters, bridges, and towers, and they offer varying levels of complexity based on age.

Mathematics in STEM for kids shown as vector image with a calculator besides it


With an ItsMyBot foundation, math can be a source of pride and accomplishment. When students use our models, they find themselves counting, measuring, and estimating without even realizing it. Since research has shown that early ease and familiarity with math is one of the most significant predictors of later-life achievement, this is a fantastic learning opportunity.

ItsMyBot STEM Activities for Kids

Problem-solving is one of the important skills taught in our STEM classes for kids. Whether they’re building with LEGO┬« Bricks or coding for robots, students start by analyzing what the project needs and then work through their options to find a solution. Once they get into this habit, they’ll use it every day.

ItsMyBot programs are complete packages. We provide STEM kits, software, lesson plans, and instructor. All we need is a space to make learning happen.

If you’re ready to see students get excited about learning, book a demo to the best STEM program for your kid. We are ready to get fun with you!

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