Top 7 Online Robotics Classes For Kids

Robotics and artificial intelligence are attracting kids’ attention in growing numbers. Learning about new things in life can be accomplished through interaction with interactional robots. Developers and reputed robotics companies are paying close attention to robotics for kids. Kids can learn and play with robots through their robotics online classes, which the company produces as well as useful kits for kids. Children can gain a basic understanding of how robots work and what this cutting-edge technology is capable of to pursue careers in the field.

Robotics offers a hands-on way to enjoy technology. There are countless ways to explore robotics, and there’s something for kids of all ages and levels of experience. Robotics has a variety of benefits for students, plus it can be a great jumping-off point for a STEM hobby. Parents have started looking for online robotics courses for kids.

Here are the lists of best online robotics classes for kids for those who want to be experts in the field!



‘ItsMyBot’ is a group of experienced teachers and dedicated technical experts that provide online, in-person robotics classes for kids. The online robotics classes they conduct aim to ensure that the kids enrolled are set on a path of success in the fields of robotics and programming! Kids can improve their analytical and motor skills while working with gesture-controlled robots and learning with high-quality tutorials and smart certificates.

In addition to valuable topics in science, technology, coding, robotics, and other fields, kids also acquire creativity, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

ItsMyBot provides its platforms and systems for a smooth and seamless learning experience for both the kids and their teachers. They have assembled a team of highly qualified instructors of great character and years of experience in their field with a passion for teaching, whom you’ll find are worthy of acting as role models for your kids’ robotics careers. 

Each of you at ItsMyBot understands the skillset and mindset required to be a successful programmer, and their mission is to produce citizens who can thrive in the digital future. The syllabus that we have our students follow is crafted to allow for these qualities and traits to develop in them naturally, so they grow into refined adults with the ability to support themselves and the people they care for.

Playto Labs

Playto Labs logo

Online robotics classes from Playto Labs are great for kids as they develop different robotics kits for different-aged kids. Their robotics kits are safe and very powerful for kids. They offer 1-1 Live robotics classes and their pricing is very affordable. For you to learn more about their teaching style, they also provide a free trial class.

Playto Labs’ website is packed with 3 different online robotics courses for kids of various ages.

  • Robotics starter course for kids aged 8- 10
  • Robotics explorer course for kids aged 11- 14
  • Robotics champion course for kids aged 14+

iD Tech

iD Tech logo

ID Tech offers online robotics classes for kids in robotics engineering, virtual robotics, visual programming, and many more. Kids can attend a robotics camp offered by ID Tech during the summer. The camps combine learning about artificial intelligence, visual coding, and machine learning with having fun while developing and engineering robots. Kids can study robotics using several common kits, including Lego and Sphero, in these useful classes. Because they are taught by college students, the courses are a bit pricey. In addition to the course fee, you might need to buy the kits yourself, and they are pretty pricey.

Learn Robotics

Learn Robotics

Learn Robotics has the best online courses for robotics. They can instruct you on how to successfully combine electronics and coding to create tools that function in the actual world in a fun and engaging way. To help you learn practical, technical skills, they offer projects and activities that you can do. The creation of electronic prototypes and the construction of robots from the ground up are now covered in two complete courses. When you finish our Level 1 and Level 2 courses, you’ll receive a Learn Robotics Course Certificate and join the Verified by Learn Robotics Program!



Kids can take online robotics programs from Create & Learn and have the opportunity to study with professionals in the convenience of their homes. They offer interactive, live online robotics classes created by professors at MIT, Stanford, and other top universities. and instructed by top teachers who have received extensive training. Their curriculum is created to foster creativity and forge connections between many fields in real life so that your child can enjoy themselves while experimenting with the newest technologies. The goal of their course is to develop interactive robots by fusing science, engineering, and technology. It offers a variety of children’s robotics online courses, such as junior robotics, robot adventures, circuit wizards, and others.

Game U

Game U

Game U offers fun and enjoyable virtual robotics classes and introduces your child to the world of technology through hands-on experience. They offer the best online robotics classes for kids. Standard kits from the market, such as Lego and R3, are used in their classes. They provide classes in groups. In addition to having to buy additional kits, their classes are more expensive than the alternatives. They cover all aspects of development including Level Design, Animation, Coding, 3D Printing, Robotics, and more!



RoboYantrix is a special combination of online and hands-on learning experiences, where kids will learn about robotics and its applications. They are known to be the simplest, fastest, and most effective method for learning Robotics. Kids can attend online robotics classes and also get hands-on training with learning kits to learn the fundamentals of robotics.

To inspire creativity and broaden their knowledge, kids are directed to construct and program their unique robots concerning a certain topic. Every session involves the students building a brand-new robot with a specific function. In addition to teaching students how to manage a robot using their Arduino programs, these online robotics classes for kids will walk them through each step of the robot building process.

How to Select the Right Robotics Course for Your Child?

Choosing the right robotics course for your child can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance, you can ensure that your child gets the most out of their learning experience. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a robotics course for your child:

  1. Age-appropriate curriculum: It is important to choose a robotics course that is tailored to your child’s age group. Younger children may benefit from courses that focus on basic coding concepts and hands-on activities, while older children may be ready for more advanced programming challenges. Look for courses that clearly outline their target age range to ensure that your child will be engaged and challenged at an appropriate level.
  2. Interactive and engaging learning environment: Robotics courses should provide a hands-on and interactive learning experience for your child. Look for courses that offer practical activities and projects that allow your child to apply what they have learned. Interactive platforms and tools can make the learning process more engaging and enjoyable for your child.
  3. Qualified and experienced instructors: The expertise and guidance of instructors play a crucial role in your child’s learning journey. Look for courses that have qualified and experienced instructors who are knowledgeable in robotics and coding. Experienced instructors can effectively explain complex concepts, provide personalized feedback, and inspire your child’s curiosity and creativity.
  4. STEAM-based approach: STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. A robotics course that incorporates a STEAM-based approach can provide a well-rounded learning experience for your child. This approach encourages creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, as well as a deeper understanding of the connections between different subjects. Look for courses that integrate STEAM activities and projects into their curriculum to ensure that your child receives a comprehensive education.
  5. Flexibility and convenience: Consider the flexibility and convenience of the robotics course. Look for courses that offer both in-person and online options, allowing your child to choose the learning format that works best for them. Additionally, consider the duration and schedule of the course to ensure that it fits well with your child’s other commitments and interests.


What are the technical requirements for joining our online robotics classes?

Students will require a stable internet connection in order to enrol in our online robotics classes. Although we advise using a Windows laptop, most other gadgets are equally compatible. Although not required, using a headset with a microphone can improve learning. We recommend that both the instructor and the student switch on their cameras to check that the classroom is well-lit. Additionally, during lessons, screen sharing might be necessary.

How do beginners learn robotics?

Our courses are designed to cater to beginners as well. We provide a structured learning environment where beginners can grasp the fundamentals of robotics. We use scratch coding, which is beginner-friendly and provides a solid foundation in robotics. Our experienced instructors guide students through the learning process, ensuring they have a strong understanding of the concepts.

What are the advantages of attending robotics camps?

Attending our robotics camps offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides a practical and enjoyable way to learn coding. Students get to bring robots to life using computer tools, which is a fascinating and fun experience. Additionally, robotics camps help develop skills such as logical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. It’s a collaborative and immersive learning environment that encourages teamwork and enhances critical skills for future success.

Is any prior experience in robotics or coding required for these classes?

No, you don’t need any previous experience or knowledge to get started! Whether you’re an elementary school student or a middle school student, these classes are designed to be accessible to beginners. These courses serve as an introduction to kids, teaching them the fundamentals of programming and robotics in an interactive and engaging way.

So, don’t worry about any prerequisites – all you need is curiosity!

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