Part 1: Learn with Scratch!

Visualize your thoughts and unfold your imagination using pieces of code. Learn programming fundamentals by using Scratch (block coding), and make your superhero do your favorite things. Understand AI with color and sprite sensing.

Module 1: Understanding the interface

  • Getting familiar with Drag and Drop
  • Relate to the Lego building!
  • Upload your picture as the character- Crop and paint sprites!
  • Essentials of gaming- motion blocks
  • Storytelling with Broadcast
  • Animal farm with sound extension
  • Elly can’t stop-forever block
  • Assessment 1

Module 2: ABC of games- Introducing simple games with looks, motion, and event block palettes.

  • Anna’s hide-and-seek game
  • Birthday bash with special effects
  • Champ’s freeze game
  • Project

Module 3: Coding: An art to build your logic! Learn programming fundamentals with games!

  • “Look for your turn”-name check with conditions.
  • Chocolate shopping-nested conditions
  • Learning conditional blocks with sensing
  • User inputs with ask and answer.
  • The annoying Alarm
  • World’s best Halloween party
  • Make ballerina dance with loops.
  • Extension Activity

Module 4: How can you do that? AI in Scratch for the awe effect using color and sprite sensing.

  • Sort it out “Maze game”
  • Get your food-Apple catching game!
  • Chicken Licken’s jumping game.
  • Flap your wings-Flappy bird game!
  • Game Project

Module 5: Store your data– Understanding variables!

  • Save the nature-Use variables to find trash collected.
  • Count the stars- Chase after the stars game using variables.
  • Guess the number- Using variables and loops.
  • Extension projects

Module 6: One plus One– Understand the world of numbers with programs

  • Storing numbers and arithmetic operators
  • Forward and backward counting with loops and conditions
  • Random number generators
  • Your first calculator
  • Assessment 2

Part 2: Mobile App Building;

Use your creativity and imagination to design apps aesthetically. Learn to program the behavior.

Module 1: Understand the interface!

  • Introduction to Apps and App Building
  • Getting familiar with the interface- Creating projects
  • Understanding the basic design components
  • How to connect and see the app on the device?
  • Hello World App

Module 2: Start talking!! Understand text to speech component.

  • Bee Buzz
  • Hello Kitty
  • Talking Robo
  • Extension Project

Module 3: The world of numbers; If playing with numbers excites you, explore your world with app building.

  • Programming fundamentals; conditions
  • Number displays with loops.
  • Password check with conditions
  • Multiplication table
  • Age calculator with variables
  • Assessment 1

Module 4: Scroll images; Learn to build interesting apps with scrolling images.

  • Understanding different layout arrangements
  • Wonders of the world
  • Animal farm
  • Pokemon in action
  • Picture Album- Project

Module 5: Sequence datatypes; List

  • List properties
  • CRUD with lists
  • Traversing a list
  • Make your own List- Activity

Module 6: Do you sense it? Use sensors to build real-time-use apps!

  • Fitbit App with Pedometer
  • Stop shaking with Accelerometer!
  • Assessment

Module 7: Fun apps!! Creativity has no bounds!!

  • Smile Please!!
  • Shopping Queen
  • Quiz time
  • Number Guess
  • Go to YouTube
  • Rock-Paper-Scissor
  • Image fusion

Module 8: Databases –for data storage

  • Understanding databases
  • “Task list” using tiny db
  • Exam timetable
  • Assessment

Open A World Full of Possibilities

Teaching fundamental programming to children, especially at a young age, opens up a world of possibilities for them to develop and prosper. Learning to code encourages critical thinking in children and prepares them for a society that is becoming increasingly tech-driven.

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