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48 classes

Course Overview

Now you are ready for advanced programming and industry-level Python. This course is intended for students with a solid understanding of Python fundamentals. We offer you an opportunity to meet today’s technical expectations and market standards through advanced Python principles, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Programming, and Machine Learning fundamentals. The course uses the same hardware as in Flyer, and can also be interfaced with Cruiser hardware.

Course Structure

Two sessions a week, with a total of 48 one-hour sessions over a period of 6 months.

Course Format

One to One class (One teacher and one student) One on Two classes (One teacher and two students). In the one to two format, you can bring a suitable pair for your kid. Contact us for more details on one to two classes.
stem kit


This course makes use of a hardware board with multiple sensors and a display built-in. It also includes shield hardware, which allows the board to communicate with the Cruiser program's sensors and motors. The board also has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, which is used for IoT, AI, and ML projects.

Why ItsMyBot?

We believe that every child has a different level of understanding, and a unique way to relate to the world around them. We use the free assessment session to decide the best course structure for your child. The day you start with us, we introduce you to our self-paced learning methods that are custom-made, progressive, and suit your child’s learning capabilities. Most of the students who begin their coding journey with us, decide to stay with us as they progress to the advanced levels. We believe in participation, we encourage our students to accept challenges without fear, guide them to build projects, and evaluate their progress at every step. The curriculum is designed by experienced educators and professionals and undergoes regular revisits to stay on par.

Kid learning to code IN A LAPTOP

Curriculum designed by experts who worked for

Open A World Full of Possibilities

Teaching fundamental programming to children, especially at a young age, opens up a world of possibilities for them to develop and prosper. Learning to code encourages critical thinking in children and prepares them for a society that is becoming increasingly tech-driven.

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