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6 Month | 48 Classes



48 classes

Course Overview

The journey with us continues through this intermediate-level course that is appropriate for amateur programmers. We introduce, one of the most preferred programming languages of modern-day, Python in this course. Text-based coding opens the doors to the real programming world, where an efficient code, always follows the rules(syntax) in addition to the logic. We offer both software-only and hardware-software projects, some of them are the extensions of our Cruiser projects. Python foundations and programming principles, such as data types, control flow, loops, functions, and APIs, are covered in this course.

Programming Language used

Our course is designed in such a way that students will be trained to work with the programming language of choice. It will also enable them to create products and projects.

Course Structure

The curriculum consists of 48 one-hour classes

Course Format

One to One classes (One teacher and One student) One on Two classes (One teacher and two students). In this format, you can bring a suitable pair for your kid
stem kit


This course makes use of a hardware board with many sensors and a display built-in. It also includes shield hardware, which allows the board to communicate with the Cruiser program's sensors and motors. The board also has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity in addition to the sensors.

Why ItsMyBot?

We are a group of passionate teachers and software engineers. Our mission is to find and nurture the passion and creativity of young minds, preparing them to be the leaders of the next “technology revolution”.

Kid learning to code

Course co-created by the experts from

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Open A World Full of Possibilities

Teaching fundamental programming to children, especially at a young age, opens up a world of possibilities for them to develop and prosper. Learning to code encourages critical thinking in children and prepares them for a society that is becoming increasingly tech-driven.