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3 Months



24 classes

Course Overview

Every day is a new learning experience. Together, with us, your child explores the world outside him/her, seeks answers, and implements the solution. Every modern-day challenge needs a young mind to ask questions and think differently. We offer a platform, where your kid learns the fundamentals of programming, uses it to solve real-world problems, both simple and complex. The course is ideal for introducing coding to your kid. We use block-based coding where the developer uses his/her programming logic to ‘drag and drop’ the blocks to create the program. This method makes coding easier as the syntax is the least of the concerns. Each class deals with a particular concept, that the student can relate to with school-level learning, applies to a problem, and implements it with the help of hardware. Unlike the traditional methods, here, they learn ‘as they see’.

Programming Language used

Our course is designed in such a way that students will be trained to work with the programming language of choice. It will also enable them to create products and projects.

Course Structure

The curriculum consists of two one-hour classes a week, for a total of 24 classes over a period of three months

Course Format

One on One classes (One teacher and one student) One to Two classes (One teacher and two students) are also available on request. In this format, you might need to come up with a pair. Please use the ‘contact us’ form for requesting One to Two classes


This course's STEM kit is Arduino-based and features colorful lighting and expression effects, a versatile framework, a large number of expansion cases, and strong intelligent perception and programming capabilities. A microcontroller board, Bluetooth module, dc motors, led screen, building blocks, and sensors such as ultrasonic, light, and sound, to name a few, are included.

Why ItsMyBot?

We are a group of passionate teachers and software engineers. Our mission is to find and nurture the passion and creativity of young minds, preparing them to be the leaders of the next “technology revolution”.

Kid learning to code

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Open A World Full of Possibilities

Teaching fundamental programming to children, especially at a young age, opens up a world of possibilities for them to develop and prosper. Learning to code encourages critical thinking in children and prepares them for a society that is becoming increasingly tech-driven.