• This course is exclusively conducted in an online format.

Coding Classes for Kids Near McLean, VA

Get your child to learn the coding languages necessary to build websites, create real games, apps, and be prepared for the digital age. In this course, your child will:
  • Learn real-world skills in a fun way
  • Learn coding through online and classroom training
  • Learn to code through kid-friendly, instructor-led lessons
  • Learn from basic to advanced coding lessons with one-on-one tutoring
Welcome to ItsMyBot, the leading online coding school offering specialized coding classes for kids in McLean, VA. At ItsMyBot, we understand the importance of fostering skills and confidence in young learners, and that’s why we provide personalized one-on-one tech education for your child.

Our dedicated teachers are reliable and motivating, committed to providing excellent learning outcomes for every student. They ensure that each student receives personalized attention and guidance to thrive academically. We have a diverse selection of courses, such as Robotics, Software and Artificial Intelligence, designed to cater to your child’s unique interests and passions.

ItsMyBot is one of the most reliable online coding school for kids. By enrolling your child in ItsMyBot, you are giving them a valuable edge in the tech world. Our expertly designed curriculum and interactive learning approach empower students from Class 2 to Class 10 to develop essential coding skills and explore their creativity.

Join us at ItsMyBot and give your child the opportunity to thrive in the exciting field of technology. Take the first step towards unlocking their potential today.
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  • Introduction to the program
  • 45-60 mins live 1:1 class with a project-based outcome
  • Calibration of child's learning pace and interests

Online Coding School for Kids Near McLean, VA

At ItsMyBot, we hold a firm belief in the transformative power of coding to shape a child’s cognitive development. We recognize that the most effective way to impart coding skills is through dedicated instructors who possess significant expertise in the field. We are firm proponents of providing individualized guidance, particularly when it comes to comprehending intricate concepts. Our after-school coding sessions for children prioritize the cultivation of a mentor-mentee dynamic with our educators.

ItsMyBot offers a comprehensive range of tech education programs designed to provide personalized learning experiences for children. Our teachers are selected after multiple rounds of screening and interviews. Teachers go through a five-step selection process with a selection rate of 3%. They also undergo a one-month rigorous training before they start. Our Teachers regularly attend workshops conducted by professionals and are mentored throughout the process, hence assuring your kid is receiving impeccable guidance and teaching. 

If you are looking for a safe, resourceful, and trustworthy online coding school, your journey ends here

Coding Courses at ItsMyBot Kids Near McLean, VA

  • Little Coder
    • 32 Sessions | 1 hour each
    • Age: 5-8
    • Language: Scratch
    • Coding fundamentals using stories, games, and interactive sessions.
  • Mobile App Building
    • 24 Sessions | 1 hour each
    • Age: 7-14
    • Language: Block-based
    • App building course based on AI, Image processing, and sensors.
  • Software Programming Accelerated
    • 24 Sessions | 1 hour each
    • Age: 10+
    • Language: Python
    • Accelerated course covering Python fundamentals and application-based learning.
  • Software Programming Regular
    • 64 Sessions | 1 hour each
    • Age: 10+
    • Language: Python
    • Flexible sessions covering Python fundamentals and real-world applications.
  • AI Beginner Course
    • 24 Sessions | 1 hour each
    • Age group: 7-12+
    • Language: Block Based
    • Introduction to AI concepts for students with limited coding background.

How ItsMyBot’s Coding Classes for Kids Elevate Skills

ItsMyBot, a pioneering online coding school based in Silicon Valley, extends its exceptional coding classes to the youth of Tamworth. Expert instructors employ a hands-on and interactive approach, creating a learning experience that is not only effective but also enjoyable. Through engaging coding projects and activities, kids can practice and reinforce their coding skills, fostering confidence in their abilities.

Learning through Gamification

ItsMyBot’s coding classes stand out with their innovative gamified learning approach. Acknowledging that children thrive in an engaging and enjoyable environment, the curriculum seamlessly integrates gaming elements. This not only motivates kids to overcome challenges but also instills a sense of accomplishment and healthy competition among budding learners.

Personalized Attention and Support

Each child’s coding journey is unique, and ItsMyBot ensures personalized attention and support. Instructors tailor their teaching methods to accommodate individual learning paces and preferences, fostering an environment where children feel comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance.

Hands-on Projects and Experiments

Coding classes at ItsMyBot in Tamworth prioritize practical learning, emphasizing hands-on projects and experiments. This approach enables children to actively apply their coding skills, working on real-world scenarios to develop problem-solving capabilities and a deeper understanding of coding concepts.



Do you have any question?

Upon successful completion of our course, you are entitled to get a certificate from us. 

Easy and direct!

We have a simple approach to enrolment. You can schedule a free assessment lesson, and after the session, you get a recommendation for a course that fits you the best. You will be asked to decide on the class format, and classes will be scheduled shortly based on your convenience. If you choose a Robotics course, the STEM kit will be shipped to you.

Everything we both need to know!

You need to let us know the preferred course. If you are not sure, we will recommend the course that suits you. The instructor demonstrates the course in an approximately one-hour online session. This will be a “get to know” session and is used to evaluate the level of understanding of the child so that we can recommend a suitable course. As a parent, you can find answers to your queries regarding the course structure and curriculum. A recommendation from the instructor will be sent to you soon after to help you decide on the course.

From basics to advanced, and even customized!

We offer live, 1-1, or 1-2, and group coding classes. You can choose the format once you decide to enroll. We offer an age-oriented approach, in the course, we cover programming fundamentals and transition to advanced concepts depending on the capabilities of the kids. There are courses in Scratch, App Building, and Python.

Activity-oriented it is!

Unlike our software courses, in this course, we use visually appealing hardware modules and extensions to make learning more activity oriented. Kids learn to program the robots with Scratch and Python. We offer live, 1-1 or 1-2, and group Robotics classes.

We will give our best to you!

Our teachers are selected after multiple rounds of screening and interviews. Teachers go through a five-step selection process with a selection rate of 3%. They also undergo a one-month rigorous training before they start. Teachers regularly attend workshops conducted by professionals and are mentored throughout the process.

Looking forward to collaborating?

Our group classes (maximum size 6) are prescheduled for two days a week. If you prefer them, please contact us, and we can guide you through the process.

Age can’t decide anything. Can it?

Our courses start at age 5. We believe that age is not a barrier to learning. We have a range of course options suiting your age and coding background. We also have courses for adults looking for a career switch with Python.

Not now! We don’t think it matters, do you?

We are an online academy and do not provide physical classes currently.


We encourage them to participate in contests worldwide. We also organize competitions to prepare our students for challenges.

That makes learning more fun!

Yes, kids are encouraged to design and build their own projects. The instructors provide project ideas after every 10 sessions and ask the kids to develop them. There are assignments and regular homework in addition to projects to encourage self-learning.

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