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Exactly a year ago, ‘ItsMyBot‘ was just a thought, an idea surrounded with more questions than answers as one would expect in an e-world like today. We were extremely fortunate to find the right guidance, resources, and opportunity. For any idea to develop into a plan and then into a project like this, requires a lot of community support. The celebration to mark the completion of one amazing year of ‘ learning together’ is incomplete without sharing with you, our community, the milestones that we had achieved during our journey. To begin with, making the contents in the course, age-appropriate, interesting but challenging, progressive and at the same time relatable were just a few among the many challenges before us.

The Cruiser program for beginner and intermediate levels was launched with Scratch as the coding platform and a hardware module consisting of multiple sensors, displays, buzzers and motors. We enjoyed it very dearly, when our little programmers built their own stunning robots, programmed them, and used them for making several innovative projects. Together, we felt the joy of coding! Most of them, continued their programming journeys with us as ‘ItsMyBot’ moved to the advanced level courses, Flyer and Master, that uses Python, AI and IOT.

Our session plans were carefully devised to cater to the needs of every kid, over time, they were revised and re-revised. Over the span of a year, the company has established itself fairly in the United States and the Middle East. We have experienced teachers, support groups and technical experts from different parts of the world.

Every milestone reminds us of a million more of them ahead to achieve, together, with all your support and encouragement, let’s CODE together!



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