AI Beginner Course for Kids in Helsinki – Online, Fun & Interactive

Get started on an exciting journey into the world of artificial intelligence, even if you have no prior coding knowledge. Acquire skills in analyzing data, develop models, and explore the fields of computer vision and natural language processing. Create your own voice assistants, make accurate predictions, establish facial recognition security systems, and become proficient in games controlled by gestures. Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of Generative AI, which offers endless opportunities for innovation. 

Learning Outcomes

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Curriculum for AI Beginner Course

Benefits and possibilities with AI for students with zero or very limited coding background. The focus will be on data collection, training the models, customising, and applying them in the fields of Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing to create voice assistants, predictions, face recognition – based security systems,gesture controlled games,and understanding Generative AI.

  • 24 Sessions | 1 hour each
  • Age group: 7-12+
  • Language: Block Based
  • Introduction to AI concepts for students with limited coding background.

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Kids in Helsinki prefer ItsMyBot’s AI course because it fits perfectly with what today’s tech-savvy youngsters are looking for. The course is online, which offers them the convenience of learning from anywhere, anytime. It targets children aged between 7 and 12+ years, ensuring that the content is fun, interactive, and age-appropriate. The use of a block-based programming language is another reason why ItsMyBot’s course is considered the best. This visual approach to coding is easier for young minds to grasp, making it an excellent starting point even for students with zero or very limited coding background. Over the span of 24 sessions, each lasting an hour, kids delve into a range of topics. They start with the basics of robotics and eventually progress to advanced AI projects. The practical, hands-on experience they gain allows them to collect data, train models, customize them, and apply them in the real world. The course equips children with the skills to create voice assistants, predictions and face recognition-based security systems with emphasis on fields like Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Kids even learn how to build gesture-controlled games, sparking a deeper interest in technology. ItsMyBot does more than just teach coding. It allows children to understand the benefits and potential of AI, encouraging creativity and fostering problem-solving skills. Moreover, the course helps children to grasp complex concepts, laying a strong foundation for their future academic and professional success in the fields of science and technology.
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